Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is very simple, and it was developed so you’ll have nothing to worry about. Here are the answers to our clients’ most common questions.


Solar panels and CFE

If I install solar panels, will I no longer receive a bill from CFE?

Solar panels work through interconnection contracts with CFE. That means you’ll still get (an incredibly low) bill.

What happens if I don’t use up all the energy my solar panels produce?

If you don’t use up all the energy you produce, the surplus is sent to the CFE grid, generating a credit balance to be applied to future billing periods.


Price and quotes

How long will it take me to start saving in electricity?

Once installed, your solar system starts producing energy from day one, and your savings will be reflected on your next CFE bill.

How much are solar panels?

The price of your customized solar system depends on your energy use and needs. In order to design it, we need to know a little about your energy use history to provide you an accurate quote.

How can I get a quote?

Send us your contact information by filling out a form and you’ll get a free assessment of your solar energy system.


Solar panels

How long do solar panels last?

Our panels and installation are designed to last over 25 years.

What happens to my solar panels if I move?

If you move, the entire array can be moved to your new home without affecting its performance.

What happens to solar panels when it rains?

They still generate energy, although not as much as they would on a sunny day. Every Habitec savings calculation considers both rainy and sunny seasons, so our savings forecasts are always accurate.

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