If you’re reading this, your electricity bill is too high.

With our solar panels you’ll save more than 95% in your electricity bill.

Stop fighting your bill

Generating your own electricity will save you much more than an unpleasant time every two months, keeping your energy use low enough to avoid the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission’s High Residential Use rate (DAC in Spanish).

It’s not you. It’s your electricity rate.

When you fall into the High Residential Use (DAC) rate, your electricity bill can be up to three times higher. That’s why, no matter how hard you try, your bill is always through the roof and every day you find yourself choosing between comfort and savings.

This year, the DAC rate is 10% higher than last year, and it’s only going up. It’s time to do something about it.

This time, the solution is falling from the sky.

Turn sunlight into your economy’s best friend. Through a custom-designed solar panel system, you’ll be generating your own energy and start saving money the very same day it’s installed.

Stop the fight with your electricity bill. We have the ideal solar panel system for your home, office or business.